Tort Feasor

A week ago I was snuggling Casey up to go to bed.  I tickled and kissed him despite his protests not to.  As I wrapped him into my arms I asked him.  “Do you know what a person is called who keeps kissing and tickling when asked not to?”  (I know. I’m a dork. But I can’t ever get my head out of law school.)  Casey said he didn’t know so as I continued kissing and tickling I told him it was a “tort feasor.”  He laughed.  Told me it was a silly word and went to bed.

Yesterday I went to tuck Casey in and leaned in to give him an unwanted raspberry and he protested, “Stop tort feasing on me!”  It was the cutest thing ever (I’m so proud.)

Of course, I’d just claim a parental defense and get off anyway!


One Response to “Tort Feasor”

  1. Will Bollwerk Says:

    It does not surprise me that he would say that. Now that he has more of his consonants I’m sure it was easier to understand what he said as well.

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