To Be (gay) Or Not To Be (gay) in true ADHD form

Today Kim, Riley and I were driving home from a doctor appointment with an ADHD specialist when Riley (in true ADHD form) chimed into whatever conversation we were having with a totally random assertion.  “I’ve been thinking of the pros and cons of being gay when I grow up.”

I guess I really shouldn’t just throw something in like, Riley’s seeing an ADHD specialist without saying a little more on that topic.  But I’m not sure I’m ready to really talk about everything that brings up for all of us right now.  Suffice it to say that a couple of weeks before school started, Riley (in true ADHD form) piped up in the middle of dinner that he had been thinking that it was time for him to get on medicine for ADHD.  Kim and I have our own concerns about that (mostly Kim), I just have weird notions that I’m somehow a failure as a mother because I have a kid with ADHD.  I get through the moments and move on.  But anyway Riley is really struggling at school and wants to be able to earn “free choice” stickers so he won’t have to wear the school uniform on Friday but he hasn’t earned a free choice sticker since last January or February and its really frustrating to him especially since he thinks he’s trying really hard not to be distracted in class but that one moment he loses concentration results in some sort of outburst and a card turn thus no Friday reward.  Anyway, I imagine there will be some ADHD posts in the future, but for now this post is the pros and cons of being gay.  According to Riley of course.

“I’ve been thinking of the pros and cons of being gay when I grow up.”

Kim asked Riley to explain some of the pros and cons as he see them.

“Well the biggest plus is that boys make more money than girls so if I marry a boy then we will have more money than if I marry a girl.  And if I marry a boy and we have more money then I could buy my kids more things than you buy us since we will have more money. Plus some boys are really cute.”

Kim asked him what some of the pros are for being straight.

“Oh that’s easy.  Girls are EXTRA cute and REALLY nice.  But being gay is more money so I am thinking of being gay.”

Kim asked him where he’d get a baby if he ended up being gay.

“Oh shoot.  That would suck.  I’d have to adopt a baby which would be hard to do because I’d be gay or I’d have to buy a uterus to put a baby in and that would be EXPENSIVE!  So all that money I saved by being gay would be used in having a baby.  And I really want a baby. So I guess I had better just be straight which is okay with me because girls are Extra Cute and Really Nice!.”

Then, in true ADHD form, Riley add, “What does pros and cons mean anyway?  Does it just mean plusses and minuses?”


7 Responses to “To Be (gay) Or Not To Be (gay) in true ADHD form”

  1. Siera Says:

    That’s too funny. The minds of babes. Have you ventured into it is not a choice, either you are gay or not? A whole other can of worms have just been opened. You have a smart young man on your hands, be proud.

  2. Gramma-Jo Says:

    Just tell me what ADHD, is? Don’t understand all this. If you ask G.G. I’d say, Stick with the girls, they are cuter than boys anyway. What ever, Love Gram

  3. Tori Says:

    Catching up on your blog. Love it! I just have to say, that while it was a really hard decision to make, Trae is taking medication and it has been the best thing ever for him. Seriously, when he started, he wasn’t going to pass 1st grade, and within a few weeks of starting, he was caught up. When he doesn’t take it, it is like night and day, and his teachers know within 5 minutes AND it is painful for him without it because his H part of the ADHD pushed other kids away. I totally get the struggle, and my personal experience is that it is one of the best things we have done for him. Also, I am an adult who grew up with ADHD. Took meds, went off them, and swear by them now. When I don’t take them, I don’t notice right away, but then a week later, I find my life is in complete disarray. 🙂

  4. Gramma-Jo Says:

    What does the (H) stand for? I know what (ADD) is. I thank all kids have it. A degree. one time or another. — Keep Blogging.

  5. Bruderle Says:

    In all my years of just barely understanding economics, the idea that gender income disparity benefits gay male couples (and hurts lesbian couples) never occurred to me. Thanks Riley!

    What classes are you teaching next semester?

  6. Steve Cavalcanti Says:

    I got ADHD and im gay and we really have a very unconventional way of thinking but many times we are the first to find solutions because we think out of the box!

  7. Says:

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